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Most of the products we use on a daily basis have formulas that were developed over 100 years ago with little worry about the longer term effects  these products may have on human health and the environment. MBDC (McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry) is a consultancy founded in 1995 by environmental architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart to take a new look at the design of products and their ability to provide benefits to our eco systems and our own health and well-being. MBDC and its co-founders developed  Cradle to Cradle™ Design, which is widely recognized as the cutting edge in practical and profitable sustainable product development.


By 2003, MBDC was working with a selection of Fortune 500 companies to  evaluate their product ingredients and if needed, work with a team of chemists to redesign them.  The process needed a more sophisticated way to securely upload client product formulas and compare the ingredients to a chemical database to get an initial idea about the toxicity of the ingredients.


A full web application was developed to handle all the processes so the MBDC team could work with clients, their products and formulas, manage a chemical database and provide Material assessments back to the clients. All parts of the process had to be secure and confidential from start to finish and save time on all parts of the system that could be automated.

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Today, Cradle to Cradle certification has expanded to more and more industries working with companies here and abroad.  The application is central to MBDC’s work so evolves as the company grows.  More project management features have been added as well as chemical database management and user management. 

Client:  MBDC
Project Scope:   Web Application

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